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Duncan O'Brien is an author and videographer, originally from Toronto, Canada. His production company, Pier 10 Media, is based in Victoria, British Columbia. Duncan lives in Victoria with his wife and two children.

Photo: Duncan O'Brien and the S.S. Monterey at Malaga, Spain

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March 5, 2012
The first ever documentary of the history of Matson's passenger ship era is currently in post-production. Release details will be announced soon.
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The Matson Line Ship Connection

Duncan has a lifelong connection with Matson Line ships. His parents met on the S.S. Monterey sailing from San Francisco to Hawaii and Australia in 1962. He fondly remembers his own childhood voyages aboard the famous "white ships". These memories that led to a decade of research about the history of the Matson passenger fleet, and The White Ships in 2008. Duncan's two young children encouraged him to publish a picture book in 2011. Matson the Mouse offers children a fun, illustrated look at the bygone era of passenger steamship travel. The next addition to the White Ships series will be a documentary version of the coffee-table book, due for completion in 2012.

The Author, Duncan O'Brien on the
bridge of the S.S. Monterey, 1977
"A visual feast for the eyes!"
Allan Jordan, Steamboat Bill

The author Duncan O'Brien on the S.S. MARIPOSA in 1969

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Highlights of a voyage taken by White Ships author Duncan O'Brien and his family aboard the S.S. Mariposa from San Francisco to Sydney in 1969. Rare footage of the mail being brought to the ship from Tin Can Island, plus a few shots of Pier 35 in San Francisco, Los Angeles harbor, Tahiti and New Zealand.